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15th Apr 2021

Medical Minutes Selfcare

Medical Minutes, This week we're discussing self care and self awareness. How much focus are you putting into becoming the best version of you?

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Medical Minutes with Dr Carisa
Medical Minutes with Dr Carisa
Dr. Carisa Hines is the founder of Freeman Moore Medical Consultants, a full spectrum disability consultation practice.

She is a native of Norfolk, Virginia, and is a proud graduate of Booker T Washington HS. Dr. Hines completed her undergraduate degree in Biological Chemistry at the University if Virginia.

She graduated from Meharry Medical College, and subsequently completed her residency at Atlanta Medical Center in Internal Medicine.

Since completing residency, she has worked in Emergency Medicine in several communities across the Southeast and Southwest.

In her spare time, she is the Editor of Globe Meet Trot, a lifestyle blog focusing on travel and health issues. In addition, she enjoys running, baking and world travel. She resides in Atlanta with her family.